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M801:Giayee 8 inch android tablet will come into season

On April 12, 2011, with the new released Rockchip RK29xx solution, Android tablets has taken on a brand-new outlook with Gingerbread (Android2.3).

Just as the advanced process of A8 core, many have seen the promising rk2918 Android tablets. And with Rockchip’s China indigenous dominance, an unknown Giayee has launched a new rk2918 android mid just this month.

Coming from the company website you could see the 8-inch rk2918 android mid with a laundry list of desirable features. This Android device provides you a 1.2GHz chip with 3D graphics acceleration, plus 512MB DDR3 RAM and 4GB flash storage (expandable via microSD). Including Multi-touch Capacitance screen, HDMI out and front/back camera. You will grasp entertainment with 1080P HD online video (YouTube) and flash 10.2 supported and Location with GPS and Digital compass.

From now on, the new Android tablet will come into season and the upgraded version will be released soon. And it will be Value and accessibility for the amateur of Android tablets. We hope to find Giayee’s rk2918 Android tablet at the US market in no time.


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