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Which Android Custom UI is your own point?

If you’re in the market for an Android phone, most power users will tell you to go with a stock device if you can manage it. Unfortunately, phones like the Iphone and Samsung are few and far between. More than likely, you’ll be choosing from a pack of phones with a custom user interface. User Interfaces offer a tweaked UI and some added services, but it’s much different experience from one to the next.

Just like the HTC Sense, Motorola’s Blur, Samsung’s TouchWiz and iPad UI, these top android interfaces come down in two camps. The ones that try to do a lot, and the ones that don’t. HTC Sense and TouchWiz are heavier skins that offer a lot of new features. Blur and SE UX are more stripped down. Although, MotoBlur (like on the Atrix) has a more cluttered UI and more background services.

However, you could choose your Android UI with your own points of interest. In China, among the marketplace of Android devices, you may also ask for the Android Custom UI Company. And it’s right; the Eclaxy could provide flexible Custom UI Design.

Android tablet with Custom UI-8 inch Rockchip rk2918 Android tablet

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