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The slimmest Android Tablet: Toshiba AT200

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

News from the oversea say Toshiba bring the slimmest tablet AT200, the 10.1-inch Android tablet previewed at Berlin’s IFA exhibition. Measuring a mere 7.7mm in depth, Toshiba has beaten both Apple, whose iPad measures 8.8mm, and Samsung’s latest 7-inch tablet, the Galaxy 7.7 which is 7.87mm fat. Unlike ipad and most other tablets, Toshiba’s AT200 eschews the accepted gloss black styling and instead offers the increasingly popular brushed aluminum look. But the AT200 appears to be most serious tablet’s effort at the genre yet. Its LCD Touch Screen is 10.1-inch with 1280×800 pixel resolution and hosts Android Honeycomb. Like Giayee’s M801, the AT200 design with back and front cameras, while 5MP and 2MP respectively. What’s more, the AT200 goes OMAP 4430(1.2GHz) from Texas Instruments, 1GB RAM and 64GB memory. It is said that the AT200 manages 8 hours on single charge. And, just from the device, the AT200 have a mini HDMI output, a mini USB slot and a microSD card slot. Compare with AT200, Galaxy Tablet seem to be a little thick, and no the same as iPad, it is just a new sight of Android tablets. Toshiba has not announced the date; we will see the AT200 on the market before Google announce the new Android version.


Android still king of the US Smartphone hill,starting equipment manufacturing

August 29, 2011 Leave a comment


In other obvious news, Android OS is pretty atop the US Smartphone market, outstripping BlackBerry and iPhone. According to a recent NPD study, just in the May 10th 2010, Google’s Android operating system edged up into second place in the US Smartphone market during the first quarter of the year, leaving it still well behind RIM’s BlackBerry OS, but marking the first time that it has moved ahead of Apple’s iPhone OS.  Subsequently, in August 4th 2010, the android has been the favorite OS in the US Smartphone market, concluding that 33 percent of phones sold during the period had Android on board. But, NPD’s number crunchers have just announced that Apple is incontrovertible leader in the Smartphone OEM field. However, in order to keep up the Leading position, the report focuses on the recent acquisition of Motorola. Google appears to be facing tough competition fromAndroid OEM rivals, and the wireless market as a whole. It is to say Google will come up with Apple.