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Cube U15GT Android 2.3 Tablets; Lead of cheap RK29xx

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment

In China, the Android tablet with RK2918 solution has great influence, most tablets under $180 choose RK2918 (1.2GHz). However, along with the increasing number of rk2918 tablets, it is the inevitable trend that the nation rk2918 Android tablet will cut down its low price. The standard configuration products with rk2918 chip, 512MB RAM and Five-point touch all have price cuts. What’s more, the representative of newest Android product, Cube U15GT Android tablet, only sells for around $100. Its normal performance configuration is common, but the market price is real attractive. This Android tablet runs RK2918 process, GC800 graphic processing, 512MB RAM and equips with five-point capacitive screen at 5 inch 800×480(16:9). And U15GT has built-in WiFi module, supports External 3G network card, G-sensor, supports 1080P HD video and USB 2.0.

Simple design, with black and white appearance, Cube U15GT’s shape shows ladder type. And, beside the low price, RK2918 tablets also have fluent user interface which Rockchip has released its RK2918 special UI SDK2.0.